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Reeds Barn

Reeds Barn is a B&B which opened to guests in March 2013. Until the 1970?s the barn was in full agricultural use for 120 years. In the 1970?s the barn was converted to residential use and the current owner has meticulously redesigned the interior spaces whilst leaving the integrity of the outside of the property which still has the look and feel of the original barn.

The current owner has also transformed what was a field at the rear of the property into a productive garden with raised beds, a vegetable garden, chamomile lawn and cutting garden and upper and lower decks for sitting and relaxing by the pool. At the front of the property, where once there were cattle kept in the courtyard, now there is a thyme lawn, under planted with  a succession of flowering bulbs.

The property is in a very quiet location, there are plenty of wild birds including winter geese, the occasional barn owl and also garden birds of many varieties. If you listen carefully you can hear the Stiffkey River which runs to the rear of the property. This location in Norfolk is an area of dark sky, which makes it excellent for star gazing.

Despite its quiet and rural location, Reeds Barn is located in a village with much of interest, not least the fact that it is an important historic place of pilgrimage. It has a range of excellent eateries and restaurants, bars, shops and galleries.

We think you will find much here to enjoy and we look forward to welcoming you to Reeds Barn.

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